We are a Martial Arts Club, established in 2016 with three instructors Specialized in Kowat Alrami, Kickboxing, Muay Thai Boxing and grappling. Our instructors were highly motivated and optimistic about the future of martial Arts in Bahrain due to the enormuse support and effort made by his highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad ALKhalifa, Thus it was the role we took in spreading the sport of martial arts through our club.

We focuse in Kowat Alrami Championships, We believe it’s the future of Martial Arts, As it’s a safe MMA and it has a Training Curriculum.

We believes in developing fitness and healthiness of our fighters, with a close focus on increasing their stamina.

Bahrain Combat instructors are officials in Kingdom of Bahrain with official instructor certificates from the international federations.

Bahrain Combat participated and will continue representing Bahrain in a many championships, tournaments & seminars every year, which keep us improving our knowledge of fighting experiences.

We hold the exclusive authorities from our international federations to train and develop fighters and to examine them in Kickboxing & KOWAT ALRAMI. We are the exclusive representative in Kingdom of Bahrain for:

World Federation of Kowat Alrami (WFKA)

Arab Federation of Kowat Alrami (AFKA)

World Profi- Kickboxing Association (WPKA)

World Pan-Amateur KickBoxing Association (WPKA)

Asian KickBoxing Federation (AKF)

International Self Defense Organization (ISDO)


Our Plan; it’s for building a real champions by our participating in real championships worldwide.

We Create Real Champions.